How to draw a Snowboard Step by Step

How to draw a Snowboard

Please see Snowboard drawing tutorial in the video below

Step 1. Create the shape of the snowboard

First, form the elongated shape of the ski.

Step 2. Sketch the foot of the book cover

Attach the bindings on the ski by first drawing two ovals for the footbed.

Step 3. Draw the base plates

Draw a curved line to form the base plates. Make sure to delete any overlapping lines!

Step 4. Attach the straps

Create the straps of the laces by drawing curved rectangles.

Step 5. Add Highback

Then, draw the elongated outline of the high back to give the snowboarder power and control.

Step 6. Complete the snowboard drawing

It’s time to color our snowboard drawing! First, shade the snowboard with a brilliant blue pencil. Next, fill in the straps and high back of the laces with a dark gray pencil. Then, color in the rest of the cover with a white pencil.

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