How to draw Golf Clubs Step by Step

How to draw Golf Clubs with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. You will learn the fundamentals for drawing golf clubs coming out of a golf bag.

How to Draw Golf Clubs

Please see Golf Clubs drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Golf Clubs simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Draw the mouth of the bag

Begin by drawing a cylinder to form the opening of the golf bag.

Step 2. Forms the body of the bag

Create the body of the bag by drawing a long oval.

Step 3. Attach the strap

Next, attach the thin straps to one side of the golf bag.

Step 4. Front pocket pattern

Form the front pocket of the golf bag by drawing a large oval. Make sure to delete any extra overlapping lines.

Step 5. Sketch the base of the golf bag

Outline the base of the golf bag by drawing a short cylinder.

Step 6. Draw a golf club shaft

Draw two straight lines to form the shaft of the golf club.

Step 7. Golf Club Head Attachment

Sketch the shape of the golf club head connected to the shaft.

Step 8. More golf clubs

More golf clubs are placed inside the golf bag similar to the illustration.

Step 9. Complete golf club drawing

Bring your golf bag drawing to life by adding some color! First, color the golf clubs in a gray tone. Next, fill in the straps with an orange pen. Then, use brown to color the golf bag.

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