How to Draw King Gidorah Step by Step

How to Draw King Gidorah with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

You will find another interesting lesson in which you will learn how to draw Gidorah. I hope that the topic of mythical creatures is of interest to you and that you will enjoy completing this lesson.

Now you will learn how to draw Gidorah step by step. This evil character can be seen in the movie Godzilla. Gidorah is a three-headed cosmic dragon that came to Earth on a meteorite.

Gidorah’s main goal is the destruction of humanity. This is a formidable and dangerous creature, but in this lesson, Gidorah looks pretty harmless. As you can see, Gidorah has a wide body and three heads.

The lower paws are wide and instead of the upper paws are winged. With the help of an accessible and easy-to-understand tutorial, you can easily draw Gidorah. Each step has a small hint for your convenience.

How to Draw King Gidorah

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

King Gidorah Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

You can start off by drawing the guide shape and guidelines for the framework for Ghidorah. The three circles are for each head and the larger egg shape is for the body. Add the guidelines for the faces and legs.

Step 2

Sart drawing the snout and upper row of teeth. Form the cheeks and add minor detailing.

Step 3

In this step you will finish the first head by drawing the brows that form horns and then draw the spiked or horned frills on the back part of the face/jaw. Once that is complete you can draw the bottom part of the mouth and then draw in the bottom r

Step 4

The second head is going to be on a 3/4 view. Start with the outer side first and then work your way around. You are drawing the same face, just on a different angle.

Step 5

Draw in the teeth and tongue to finish the second head.

Step 6

The third head is under the second. You will go about the creation of King Ghidorah’s third head the same way you did the other two. Less teeth appear in this head but everything else is shaped the same.

Step 7

Now we will move on to the body. Start by drawing the neck for all three heads and then draw a portion of the chest followed by the two legs and feet. Add the clawed toes and then sketch in some texture detailing to the legs.

Step 8

Finally, you can draw in the winged arm and then two of the visible tails in the back part of King Ghidorah’s body. The tips of the wing are also clawed so add that as well. When you are done you can start cleaning up the drawing and erase the mistake

Step 9

That’s it, you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring King Ghidorah in. I hope you had fun. remember to comment, like and share so others find this lesson on drawing King Ghidorah.

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