How to Draw Roller Skates Step by Step

How to Draw Roller Skates with this how-to video and step by step drawing instructions. Hey there, little artists! Ready to learn how to draw some awesome roller skates?

How to Draw Roller Skates

Please see Roller Skates drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Roller Skates simple step by step drawing guide below

Step 1. Sketch the startup

Start by drawing the elongated outline of the boot.

Step 2. Draw the remaining shoe

Draw another outline of the boot similar to the previous step.

Step 3. Add panels

Next, draw a line following the shape of the bottom of the boot to add the panels.

Step 4. Draw the heel and tongue of the boots

Next, draw some curved lines near the bottom of the boot for the heel. Then, outline the tongue by drawing a long, curved line at the top of each boot.

Step 5. Shape the toe stop

Form the cylindrical shape of the toe stop. Then, connect it to the base of the plate by drawing diagonal lines.

Step 6. Attach the wheel to the left boot

First, draw short cylinders for the wheels. Next, create curved lines on each wheel to create the bearings. Then, draw trucks to connect the wheels to the disc.

Step 7. Add wheels to the right boot

Add the wheels to the right trunk similar to the previous step.

Step 8. Create the lanyard

Form criss-cross lines along the tongue of the shoe. Make sure to delete any overlapping lines!

Step 9. Complete the drawing of roller skates

It’s time to add some color to our roller skate drawing! First, shade the laces with a white pencil. Next, color in the license plate and truck with a black pencil. Now, shade the wheel with a pink pencil and its bearings with a light gray pencil. Finally, use blue, green and pink to color the boots.

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