How to Draw a Dessert Step by Step

How to Draw a Dessert with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. I promise that now you will quickly learn how to draw a simple object.

How to Draw a Dessert

Please see the Dessert drawing tutorial in the video below

If you love sweets and want to improve your art skills, then you will definitely love this lesson, because now you will learn how to draw a dessert step by step. Dessert is a sweet dish usually served at the end of lunch or dinner. This finishing dish is designed to give you a pleasant taste experience.

Usually, fruit, confectionery, cakes and all kinds of sweets are served as a dessert. In this case, you will see a dessert made with cheese and gelatin that should keep its shape well. This is a very tasty and nutritious dish. In the picture, the dessert has a truncated cone, where the top is narrower and the bottom is wider. Dessert is topped with jam and garnished with strawberries. It looks so appetizing!

This lesson will require your ability to draw geometric shapes and at the same time maintain symmetry. The shape of the strawberry and the shape of the jam may be slightly different from my example, i.e. arbitrary lines are allowed here.

Dessert Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the edges.

Specify the dimensions of the drawing and draw two lines as shown in the example.

Step 2. Draw the bottom part of the dessert.

Sketch a smooth curve at the bottom.

Step 3. Add the top of the dessert.

Depicts an elongated oval at the top.

Step 4. Draw the outline of the strawberry.

At this stage, draw a circle of irregular shape.

Step 5. Add the leaves to the strawberries.

On top of the berry, add a few leaves of different sizes.

Step 6. Engrave small beads.

On the surface of the strawberry, draw many droplets in turn.

Step 7. Sketch the jam.

Using smooth, curved lines, draw jam at the top and bottom of the dessert.

Step 8. Correct the inaccuracies.

With the eraser, carefully remove all the excess lines in your drawing.

Step 9. Color the dessert.

To color, you will need different shades of pink and green.

You can see more drawing:

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