How to Draw a SUV Step by Step || Car Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw a SUV easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Car Drawing Tutorial for beginners asnd kids.

How to Draw a SUV Step by Step - Car Drawing Tutorial

In this fairly easy, but realistic drawing lesson, consisting of eight very simple steps the team of will show you how to draw an SUV. Cars appeared more than a hundred years ago, and for the entire existence of vehicles with an internal combustion engine, the world has seen very different types of bodies. But we will not be mistaken if we say that the most popular body type is SUV (sport utility vehicle), a specific North American type of car, officially classified as a light truck, but at the same time designed for everyday use as a passenger transport.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

In order not to get mistaken when drawing an SUV, the first thing you need to do is outline the contours of the bodywork. For this body type, rather coarse and large borders and tall window frames are the feature. So, with the help of very light hand movements, let’s draw the body plan, as in the example drawn by the artists of

Step 2

Let’s turn the box drawn in the previous step into something more like an SUV. Start from the front by depicting the round headlights with a square frame and rectangular grille between the headlights. Now with the help of lines outlines the square windows and angled doors. Next, let’s map out a large, rough rearview mirror.

Step 3

Let’s continue to outline important details on our SUV drawings. Here we mark the wheels and the angular wheel arches. Next, we depict the bumpers and side skirts. Recall that we showed how to draw an SUV on the example of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class (aka Geländewagen). To draw another SUV, simply change essential details in your drawing.

Step 4

In the first steps, we have sketched out a rough sketch of an SUV, and starting at this stage we will draw the SUV in detail. Also, in the fourth stage we will need to draw the front bumper, a large logo (in our example, it is a Mercedes-Benz) in the center of the grille and a registration plate.

Step 5

Now let’s work with the top part of our SUV drawing. Using clear and dark lines, we outlined the angled roof and many angular windows. In the same step, we’ll need to draw a mirror and remove all unnecessary instructions from the top of our SUV.

Step 6

Now we will do the same maneuvers, but with the SUV’s side surface. Use very clear and dark lines to draw doors. Next, add handles and step descriptions. In the same step, you need to mark the rear and the rear wheel arches angled.

Step 7

And in this step you need to be more careful, because in step 7 we draw the wheels, which should be the clearest and most uniform. To begin with, we keep track of the wheels, which must be the most symmetrical. Next, in the center of the wheel draw contours, which looks quite strong and rough.

Step 8

Now let’s finish off the last few strokes, but to be exact, we will draw the shadow. First, we draw shadows on the wheel and the inner surface of the arch. Next, add glare to the windows and paint the remaining shadows where it is shown by the artists in the example.

Here’s a lesson on how to draw an SUV. As mentioned above, it’s completely possible to draw any SUV, just by changing some details. And if you want to learn how to draw any other car, be sure to visit the category called “Cars” on


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