how to draw a cartoon butterfly easy

how to draw a cartoon butterfly coloring pages for kids

How to draw a cute cartoon butterfly

Please see the detailed instructions in the video above

Beginners can view the simple drawing tutorial below:

Step 1

First, draw the body. The butterfly’s body is long and narrow. add beard on the head.

Step 2

Followed by the right wing. Draw a large triangle for the upper wing, and a circle for the lower wing.

Step 3

Next, draw the left wings. Monarch butterflies have an average wingspan of 4 to 5 inches.

Step 4

Now start detailing on the right wing. Draw large shapes close together.

Step 5

Then draw the details of the upper left wing. These details must be similar to the first details you draw.

Step 6

Add some more detail to the upper right wing, with smaller shapes in the corner.

Step 7

Draw the same details on the upper left wing.

Mirror the same details on the lower left wing.

Step 8

Complete the details on the bottom right by drawing lots of small shapes around the edges.

Step 9

Draw the same details on the lower left. This will complete the beautiful and sophisticated butterfly wings.

Step 10

For your last step, draw the butterfly’s antennae. Now you can think about coloring your drawing. Monarch butterflies are very bright and colorful, so use your imagination!

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