How to Draw a Tunnel Step by Step

How to Draw a Tunnel with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. This simple drawing lesson consists of nine steps.

how to draw a tunnel

Please see Tunnel drawing tutorial in the video below

I bring to your attention this fascinating and unusual drawing lesson in which I will tell and show you how to draw a tunnel step by step. This lesson will help you significantly improve your art skills, as it will help you practice drawing different geometric shapes. If necessary, you can use a ruler to draw straight lines.

A tunnel is a horizontal or inclined underground structure, whose length is much greater than its width and height. This structure is intended for transportation, water conduit, urban utility network or industrial enterprises. Tunnels on roads serve as a means to overcome various kinds of obstacles or develop an underground path. Special tunnels, such as wildlife walkways, are built to allow wildlife to safely cross man-made fences. Tunnels can be connected to each other to form a tunnel network.

By learning how to draw a tunnel with this simple tutorial you will be able to draw a nice picture with this image in the future. First, you need to frame the picture to make the picture look neater. You can also optionally add images of cars or other objects in the tunnel. If you are ready to start drawing, you can prepare your art supplies now, then start this lesson, carefully following my recommendations.

Tunnel Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the frame.
To draw the frame, you need to draw a rectangle using four lines.

Step 2. Add the side edges of the tunnel entrance.
To complete this step, you need to draw four parallel vertical lines.

Step 3. Sketch the tunnel entrance arch.
Using two arcs of different sizes, join the previously drawn lines together.

Step 4. Describe the path leading to the tunnel.
You need to draw two oblique lines and connect them with a horizontal line.

Step 5. Draw the outline of the exit from the tunnel.
To draw another arch, you need to add an arc and lines above the horizontal line.

Step 6. Add light sources in the tunnel.
Above the arch drawn earlier, depict four different sized shapes with circles.

Step 7. Draw a line on the way to the tunnel.
To complete this step, you need to draw two slightly diagonal lines of the same length.

Step 8. Correct the inaccuracies.
Now you can take the eraser and erase the extra lines.

Step 9. Color the picture.
To color the tunnel, you should use yellow, brown and various shades of gray.

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