How to Draw Ash Greninja from Pokemon

How to Draw Ash Greninja from Pokemon with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pokemon drawing for beginners and kids.

How To Draw Ash Greninja Pokemon

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing an oval. This will then help you sketch Ash-Greninja’s head.

Step 2

Draw a second oval, partially hidden by the first. This forms Greninja’s wound blade.

Step 3

Wrap an irregular shape underneath the head. Wrap another, smaller, irregular four-sided shape underneath it. Finally, enclose a curved, inverted triangle below the previous shape.

Step 4

Attach an irregular shape on Greninja’s chest, erasing as needed. The shape should be like a half circle with a triangle facing down. Glue another, smaller half circle inside it.

Step 5

Draw Greninja’s arms, erasing lines if necessary. Use a pair of curves for the upper arm and another for the lower arm. Wrap an oval on the lower arm near the elbow. Tape the lower arm with a curved line. Then use curved lines to enclose the irregular flip-shaped hand. Draw three circles at the top of the hand to indicate the finger. Draw two curved triangles on the back of the hand to represent the outline between the fingers.

Step 6

Draw the other arm. Use curved lines to enclose the irregular shapes of the upper arm, lower arm, and hand. Draw the cord between the fingers using curved lines and draw a circle at the end of each finger.

Step 7

Attach two teardrop shapes below the torso to represent Greninja’s upper legs. Wrap an oval at each knee. Draw one foot sideways, using curved lines to form the rounded toes and claws on the back of the foot. For the rest of the leg, sketch an inverted “Y” shape. Connect the branches with a curved line and draw a circle at the tip of each toe.

Step 8

Outline the top of Greninja’s head, erasing as needed. Draw a long, irregular diamond-like shape down the center of the face. Use curved lines to outline horn-like projections on each of its faces. Use short curved lines that meet at the jagged points.

Step 9

Face details. For each eye, draw a circle strip with a line to indicate the eyelid. Draw two ovals inside it, shading between them to represent the pupil. Draw a triangle extending from the front of the eye and a lightning bolt from the back. Draw four pairs of curves from Greninja’s back, allowing them to meet at gentle points. Tape them with curved lines. Use a long and curved line, twice as long as itself, to form the Greninja blade.

Step 10

Ash-Greninja color. He is blue with red, black and white markings and a pink tongue.

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