How to draw swamp thing step by step

How to draw swamp thing easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

swamp thing Drawing

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Step 1

We started this drawing tutorial with a stickman. At first we draw the head in a regular circle shape. Then you should draw the lines of the body: neck, shoulders, spine, arms and legs. Swamp Thing’s head and body are slightly larger and wider than the head and body of the average person. But despite this, our hero has the same proportions as the tall man. We mean that the right shoulder should be wider than the pelvis and the height should be equal to the total length of the 8 heads
This step is only needed to mark the position of the hero on a piece of paper, so we need to use very light lines in the first step.

Step 2

In this step we will create a silhouette of the character. Draw round balls of shoulders, then connect them to a head, using a pair of lines (you can guess we mean the neck). Note that the shoulders are about the same size as the head.
The next action is to draw the arms – they are represented by circles. Sketch the silhouette of the hand. Using a half circle draw the torso that narrows to the waist. At the end of the step we draw the contours of the legs.

Step 3

Time to draw the details. First off, let’s line up the slightly frowning eyes with horizontal eyebrows. Below we draw the mouth. As you can see our hero doesn’t have a nose – that’s a really cool feature. Use the intersecting lines from the previous step to draw the details of the face.

Step 4

Now let’s move on to the body part. You can see a lot of sugars on the body. We recommend drawing large details at first, such as the leaves lying on the left large pectoral muscle. Next draw the lines on the abdomen and neck.
After this action, delete all unnecessary rules from the very first step.

Step 5

Now let’s draw the arms of Swamp Thing. Continuing the shoulder lines, we need to correctly draw the wide delta muscles, then outline the biceps and triceps, these lines going into the forearms smoothly. Next, draw the hands, considering all the knuckles. Then draw the leaves and stems. If you’re having problems with your palms and fists (this is the really hard part of this tutorial), don’t forget to read this article.

Step 6

If this character’s top is ready, it’s time to draw his bottom. First, draw long hair in front of your hips. Furthermore, with the help of long, clear and smooth lines, we carefully draw out the contours of the leg muscles and rippled hairs on the legs. In the same step we draw the contours of the foot.

Step 7

And now we have the final step in a drawing lesson on how to draw Marsh thing from DC. Here, we need to add a very bright shadow on Swamp Thing’s outfit. You should use the classic extension for this action.

It was really hard work, but we had a very good drawing of the Marsh thing. If you liked this drawing tutorial, don’t forget to subscribe to us on social media and share this drawing lesson.



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