Gohan Drawing easy Step by Step

Gohan Drawing easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Dragon Ball Z Drawing for beginners and kids.

Gohan Drawing

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

To start Gohan, draw a small square for his chest, with another smaller oval on top of his head.

Make sure that the oval of Gohan’s head ends at a point at the bottom to form his chin.

Step 2

Draw another triangle below Gohan’s chest, this will be his midsection/hips.

Step 3

Now we will work on Gohan’s feet.

Step 4

To start his first leg, draw a small oval that sticks out at an angle from the triangle you drew in the previous step.

At the end of this oval, draw another very small oval that will be his feet. This will create the effect that Gohan’s legs are bent inward.

Use the same process to draw Gohan’s other leg, except we’ll make it twice as long as his other leg to give the effect that it’s pointing straight down.

Step 5

Bracelet for Gohan.

At the end of each arm, we need to hold Gohan’s hand.

Step 6

We will draw Gohan’s hair into two parts. The first part is shown on the left, the largest part – must go beyond half the border of his head.

Draw a few large curls that hang down the middle of Gohan’s face.

For Gohan’s second hair, we need to draw a small bun behind each of his shoulders, as well as give him two ears.

Step 7

Give Gohan a thick scarf to cover his neck.

Step 8

Draw Gohan’s large belt, just as wide as his scarf.

Also, give him a few wrinkles on his pants.

Step 9

Gohan doesn’t really have complete eyes like many other anime characters. Instead, we only need to draw about half the outline of each eye, with two small pupils near the center of the face.

Also, give Gohan a small oval mouth with a few teeth sticking out.

Step 10

At this point, Gohan has improved quite a lot. All that’s left to do is give him a really small nose and a pair of eyebrows.

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