How to Draw a Cartoon Bolt from BOLT movie

How to Draw a Cartoon Bolt from BOLT movie step by step

Today I will guide you to draw a dog named Bolt and this drawing lesson will show you how to draw Bolt from Bolt. Bolt is a dog than his best friend, he is a daily action hero, who was raised in a famous television show set.

How to Draw a Cartoon Bolt from BOLT movie

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You can also easily draw using the drawing tutorial below:

Step 1

Let’s start this first step by drawing guides and shapes to form a solid frame for Bolt. You will draw a circle for your head and then add the directions on the face. Next draw your neckline and then add two circles to your body and finish the butt. Add chi to chi as well as shapes for your feet or legs.

Step 2

In this next step, you will begin to draw the actual shapes of your face and body starting with the upright ears. Next draw his face and neck and then add circles to his eyes and shape for his prominent nose. Then, you will draw the shape of the back curved and then the small feather tail. Add some sugar to your feet and then proceed to one.

Step 3

What you will do next is paint the details for your ears and then sketch out the shape of your eyebrows. Complete the shape of his nose and then give him a confident smile. Then you will draw out the shape of all but one foot and then add the lines to your toes.

Step 4

Finish eye makeup, then you will add some detail to between your nose as well as your neck as the wrinkles skin. Give him his collar and then pull the special bolt on his hip. Finish this dog by sketching the rest of your foot and foot.

Step 5

You have made it to your last drawing step and what you will have to do is color him in. That is it.

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