How to Draw a Cute Unicorn Girl step by step

How to Draw a Cute Unicorn Girl step by step with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. girl drawing easy for beginners and everyone.

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s blog post. Today I will introduce to you the most viewed article on my blog. So I think this post will be very interesting for the people who visit my blog. By the way, the article of this drawing. You will understand by looking at the thumbnail and its title, what was provided in this drawing. I have provided drawings for unicorns, in which I will explain how to draw a unicorn girl, I hope you will enjoy this article a lot. I’ve provided this drawing tutorial video below for you. With your help, you can make this drawing very easily.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Video produced by the channel: KidsLet’sDraw

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step: 1 Draw the Horn of Unicorn Girl

How to draw a unicorn girl

Guys, first of all you have to draw the unicorn girl’s horn in this drawing. This horn is very easy to draw. Then you have to draw flowers underneath the horn. You have to do this drawing very carefully because if you make mistakes in this drawing then you may have to redo this drawing. I hope you understand this step.

Step: 2 Draw the shape of the face

Friends now you have to paint its face. You will be able to draw its face very easily. By the way, I have prepared this article for the kids, but anyone can make this drawing if they want to do it. While drawing its face, make sure that there are no mistakes in drawing the shape.

Step: 3 Now you have to draw the eyes

Now you have to draw the unicorn girl’s eyes and ears. I will tell you how to draw its eyes. So guys, now first you have to draw a circle to draw its eyes. You can use any compass or protector to draw a circle. After drawing a circle, you have to draw two more circles at its eye. You can do this by viewing pictures of this drawing. Guys, if you have understood this step, you must read all the next steps.

Step: 4 Now draw the Unicorn Girl’s Dress

How to draw a unicorn girl

Now you have to draw its dress. It is very easy to draw a dress. You can also see how to draw it in the drawing tutorial video below. If you want that you can do this drawing with ease, then you will have to watch the tutorial video of this drawing very carefully.

Step: 5 Draw the Unicorn Girl’s hair & hands

Guys, now you have to draw this girl’s hair. This is the easiest job of this drawing, if you do this drawing then you will know. After drawing hair, you have to draw it by hand.

Step: 6 The drawing of the unicorn girl was done

How to draw a unicorn girl

So guys, now this drawing is complete. Our last task to do it, is to draw us this girl’s feet. This drawing is very easy to do and you will be able to do every part very easily.

Step: 7 Coloring the girl Unicorn

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