How to Draw an Apartment Step by Step

How to Draw an Apartment with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy house drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How to Draw an Apartment

Please see Apartment drawing tutorial in the video below

Apartment Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Form the building

Start by drawing a large rectangle to form the walls of the apartment. Next, add a thin horizontal strip on top to draw the roof.

Step 2. Draw the window

Now, form the rectangular windows. Then add a horizontal line near the bottom of each window.

Step 3. Add doors

Draw the rectangular outline of the door then add a small rectangular glass window.

Step 4. Attach emergency exit railing

First, draw a long horizontal bar with three short vertical bars attached to create an emergency exit railing. Then add a rectangular border that connects to the bottom of the railing.

Step 5. Create a trapezoid

Form two vertical bars attached to the base of the escape platform. Then, draw evenly spaced horizontal bars in the middle to add stairs.

Step 6. Complete the apartment drawing

Let’s add some color to our apartment drawing! First, use a dark red pencil to fill in the roof, stairs, and door and window frames. Next, color the door and window glass with a light blue pen. Use a brown pencil to shade the door. Now, paint the wall with a pink pencil. Then, color the railing with a gray pencil and a blue pencil to shade the background of the fire escape.

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