How to draw a Buffalo step by step

How to draw a Buffalo step by step easy for kids

How to draw a Buffalo step by step easy for kids

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw an Buffalo in 8 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

Please see the detailed drawing tutorial in the video above.

Beginners can easily draw a buffalo through the steps below:

Step 1

Draw a buffalo! Start by detecting two long horned horns, bending towards each other. Continue with the rectangle ears. Here’s a tip: make sure the corners are not pointed but curved. End with face. Remember that lines are not straight

Step 2

Add two small circles to the eye, and two small dots for the nostrils. Then draw two wrinkles around the nose to outline the muzzle.

Step 3

Keep track of a line going through the back and curving down. Then draw a line from the front down. make up the body!

Step 4

From there, draw the first front leg, making it short and skinny. Draw a line across the bottom of the leg for the paw.

Step 5

Draw right at the bottom of the other front leg, as it looks out from behind the first. Pay attention to draw the foundation for the foot.

Step 6

Now, draw a line across the bottom for the belly and finish with the first hind leg.

Step 7

Last is the tail! Trace two lines curling up to create a short tail. Make sure the end is pointy! There’s your buffalo!

Step 8

So we finished painting the buffalo, you can color the snout, hooves, the tail in black, the rest color in brown.

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