How To Draw Pidgey from Pokemon

How To Draw Pidgey from Pokemon step by step for kids

How To Draw Pidgey for pokemon step by step

Today I am going to show you how to draw Pidgey from Pokemon. Pidgey is a normal flying type of Pokemon that resembles a pigeon. Pidgey evolves into Pidgeotto which then evolves into a Pidgeot. We will guide you to drawing Pidgey step by step

Please see the full video tutorial above.

You can also view simple drawing instructions using the steps below:

Step 1

First, start with the bird’s head shape. Almost creating a triangle at the top, but leave a bit of space for the rest of the head you will do later. Next do the mine, as it is near the top. Make sure you get the right shape so that it does not look like it’s not part of the bird.

Step 2

This step we draw the rest of the head. These are small feathers that have three different parts of the bird. You need to start with drawing one of the first bottoms because it is easier when you can slowly put the other two to the top by connecting them up so they create one.

Step 3

Next you add a triangle to your face and put your eyes on it. Next, you go deeper into the body to move on the road you are drawing to the bottom, so shape its circle and add feathers down halfway to make the bird look more real. You want to impress people with your drawings!

Step 4

Finally, after the current steps you will have the main shape of the bird’s body. But at this step, you will be adding wings. To do that continue from the other line and make an oval and connect it with the other line to make the main shape of the wing. Then, add a few scales to make the feathers on the wings. From the back of the wing add three tail feathers.

Step 5

Finally, draw two straight lines to begin, then draw the entire leg into the claw. Make sure you star the first leg is the same with the second leg because we do not want both feet of different sizes! Well done! You have completed! Add some color on your final design to make it look great and stand out!


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