How to draw squirtle from pokemon

How to draw squirtle from pokemon step by step for kids

Learn how to draw Squirtle from Pokemon with this step-by-step tutorial and video. You will learn many interesting cartoon drawings here.

How to draw squirtle from pokemon

Please see the instructions in the video

You can also refer to the following simple drawing steps:

Step 1

First, draw a circle for the head, followed by a larger oval, part shape for the body. Next Make two curves in the circle (guide you drawing facial expressions) and another vertical curve in the body.

Step 2

Next, draw single-line instructions for hand, foot and tail. Create a small curve on the right side of the head as shown in the figure.

Step 3

Use the instructions on the face, drawing eyes and nose. Draw the details of the eyeball. Continue to paint a large crescent mouth

Step 4

Use the guide to draw the front of the body.

Step 5

Draw the left feathered arm with two fingers. Similarly, draw the left leg, with two wedges visible on his small foot.

Step 6

Draw a ‘U’ with three low blunt points on the right leg and toe.

Step 7

Similarly, use the guide, draw right hand and finger.

Step 8

Use a line drawn inside the body (in step 2) to draw two curves for the outline of its shell.

Step 9

Add some details to the back cover as shown in the picture.

Step 10

Time to bring your tail in shape. The spiral check replacement guide is drawn in step 3.

Step 11

Draw a line from the body, connecting it with the spiral to complete the tail. Also, start adding the details to your front cover.

Step 12

Finish the front cover with a honeycomb pattern

Step 13

Sketch the sketch with blue, yellow, and brown. Do not forget to keep the base of the shell white and use some red for the tongue.

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