Pokemon drawing – How to draw charmeleon step by step

How to draw charmeleon from pokemon

How to draw charmeleon step by step

Let’s take a look at the detailed drawing instructions in the video.

Drawing charmeleon quite easily, it looks like a dinosaur uncle and a fire tail.

You can easily draw a character in the pokemon according to my instructions

Step 1

To get Charmeleon started, draw two separate ovals one on top of the other. Makes oval less than about twice the size of a head.
These oval tubes will be the basis for Charmeleon’s head and body.

Step 2

Connect the two ovals to give Chameleon a neck and jaw.
Draw Chameleon’s mouth curved upward slightly, as he usually has a bit of a smile.

Step 3

Draw two thick “S” shaped legs that should be about the same length as Charmeleon’s head.

Step 4

Next, give Charmeleon two similarly sized arms. Charmeleon’s arms should widen as they run down near his hands.

Step 5

Draw three sharp claws on each Charmeleon’s hand.
You can draw your claws into your hands towards each other towards each other to create a fist.

Step 6

Give Charmeleon a tail that should be just about as long as his body, and draw a short crest sticking out from behind his head.

Step 7

Next, draw an oval that stretches from the top of Charmeleon’s chest, and continues to the underside of his tail.
And of course, draw Charmeleon trademark flame at the end of his tail.

Step 8

Chameleon’s eyes are very simple triangular shapes that take up most of the space on his face.
Give him two small slits on the front of his nose for nostrils.

Step 9

At this point Charmeleon is just about complete. You can color as you like or color the character in the pokemon.

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