How to draw Caterpie From Pokemon

Learn how to draw Caterpie From Pokemon. He looks exactly like a caterpillar. The first Pokemon of Ash Ketchum is a Caterpie so this is a very classic Pokemon for you to learn how to draw. Today we will show you how to draw a Caterpie by how-to video and step by step guide. Hope it will be easy for you to draw …

How to draw Caterpie from pokemon

You can refer to the steps for simple drawing instructions with the pencil below

Step 1

Start with a lollipop with a cross section. This will serve as your guide to where the face features will be located. Make the bar bent.

Step 2

Draw a small oval at the base of the head. Note leave part of the curve outside of that oval.

Step 3

Draw an oval in the back of the head. This would be Caterpie’s “hump”.

Step 4

Y shape “thick” for the antenna. Draw two ovals for the mouth and a circle for the eye.

Step 5

Add two rings on the hips and back. Draw two ovals in the chest with two small circles for each leg.

Step 6

Add some stripe to the rest of the tail for the body segments. Add a small leaf shape at the end for the tail design. Continue to add more loops.
Complete Drawing of Caterpie from Pokemon

Step 7

Delete your tutorial lines, add a color overlay, and you’re done! Now you have a finished drawing of Caterpie. You can color it using markers, colored pencils, chalks, or watercolors. I know he’ll be great when he’s done.

Step 8

Color the Pokemon character color

Come back for more Pokemon drawing tutorials.

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