How to draw audi a4 step by step

How to draw audi a4 easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Car Drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to draw audi a4 step by step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

In order to draw a smooth, symmetrical and beautiful Audi, we first need to outline the main lines of the body. So let’s outline these outlines using very light ones, like in our example below.

Step 2

The main contours have been outlined, but our car now looks more like a box. To make it look more like an automobile, sketch out the details. With the help of light lines, we outline the contours of the grille, headlights, rear-view mirrors, doors and wheels.

Step 3

With that done with the most basic lines and details, let’s proceed to a more detailed drawing. First of all, using the dark and clear lines, draw the contours of the Audi grille and angled headlights. Draw the Audi sign and registration sign.

Step 4

This will be a fairly simple step. Here, using the clear and dark lines, we draw the contours of the hood. Next, go to the bumper and draw the fog lights and the lower rim of the bumper. Remove all unnecessary instructions from the front of the Audi A4.

Step 5

Continuing the contours of the hood gently pulls out the roof, flowing smoothly into the rear of the car. Next, draw the lines of the window. Then draw the rearview mirror and erase all unnecessary lines on top of our Audi.

Step 6

Continuing the long roof line, we draw the visible rear part of the car. Then continue the window line drawing out the doors. On the doors, we draw the handles. Next, draw the bottom edge of our Audi and remove unnecessary lines from the bodywork.

Step 7

This is probably the most difficult step of the tutorial how to draw Audi A4. Here we will need to draw the wheels and rims. When drawing wheels, be especially careful to make them as smooth as possible. Be equally careful when you draw the rim.

Step 8

The Audi drawing is almost complete, and the lesson is almost done, but for our Audi A4 to look more realistic in terms of volume, we’ll add some shadows. Use the bold feature to add shadows and long lines to outline highlights on the glass.

As we said in other drawing lessons, there’s an indisputable plus on the cars drawn, since you don’t have to worry about insurance or expensive gas (or in extreme cases, you have can draw all). But seriously, we hope that our artists’ knowledge is helpful to you and that you can learn how to draw an Audi A4 with the help of this lesson.



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