How to Draw a Bathroom Step by Step

How to Draw a Bathroom with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Learn to draw for beginners and kids.

How to Draw a Bathroom

Please see Bathroom drawing tutorial in the video below

This new lesson is about drawing a living space, and now you will learn how to draw a bathroom. The lesson will be useful to you, as you will once again practice your skills, and in the future you can easily draw any other bathroom. I am sure that any novice artist will cope with this task.

This figure shows the main bathroom items—the bathtub, the bathroom sink, the mirror, the shelf, and the towel rack. All the elements here are very simple and to successfully complete the lesson you will need the ability to draw regular geometric shapes and the ability to draw smooth lines.

For coloring, you can use the same colors suggested in the tutorial or you can choose any other color that you like best.

Bathroom drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the mirror.
Draw an even rectangle, just below draw a narrow band the width of the rectangle.

Step 2. Draw the bathroom sink.
Bathroom sinks consist of several elements. Place the sink above, add a cabinet below.

Step 3. Add the curtain.
Sketch the crossbar to attach the curtain, then draw the curtain.

Step 4. Withdraw the towel.
Draw two rectangular bath towels and draw circle hangers on either side.

Step 5. Sketch the shelf.
Draw horizontal lines to represent the price and add three rectangles at the top.

Step 6. Describe the bathtub.
Using smooth lines, draw the bath and depict the foam with jagged lines.

Step 7. Add the remaining items.
Unplug faucet and small accessories for washing.

Step 8. Surface detail.
Describe the tile on the wall in the bathroom and draw lots of stripes evenly on the mirror.

Step 9. Color the bathroom.
For coloring, use a variety of bright colors.

You can see more drawing:

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