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How to draw IU by Colored pencils with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Pencil drawing tutorials for beginners and ALL.

How to draw IU

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Materials You’ll Need:

– Colored pencil : Prismacolor, Derwent Lightfast, Caran d’Ache Luminance

– Paper : Fabriano Artistico

IU Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Basic Face Shape:

Start with a light pencil sketch with a basic oval or egg outline for the head. This will serve as a guide for IU’s face.

Step 2. Facial features:

Using reference images, gently sketch the main facial features:

Place a horizontal line across the middle of the oval to place the eyes.
Add a vertical line in the middle to help position the nose and mouth correctly.
Sketch two almond shapes on the eyeliner. IU’s eyes are a bit long and have a gentle, innocent look.
Place the nose and mouth along the vertical line. IU’s nose is small and her lips are often drawn with gentle curves.

Step 3. Eyes:

Refine the eyes by adding iris and pupil as well as eyelashes. IU’s eyes are one of her standout features, so take your time to get the right shape and expression.

Step 4. Eyebrows:

Outline her eyebrows just above the eyes. They are usually well defined but not overly thick.

Step 5. Nose and Mouth:

Detail her nose and draw her lips with a light touch. IU’s lips are often drawn with a slight smile.

Step 6. Hair:

IU’s hairstyle may vary, so choose a reference image that shows her current hairstyle. Outline the basic shape of the hair, then add details like curls, waves, or curls.

Step 7. Sketch:

Once you’re satisfied with your facial features and hair, you can review your sketch with a pointed pen or marker to outline the main lines. Be careful and steady with your hand to avoid making mistakes.

Step 8. Clothes and accessories:

If your reference image includes specific clothing or accessories, sketch them accordingly. IU’s fashion sense is quite diverse, so choose something that represents her style.

Step 9. Final Steps:

Erase any unnecessary instructions or stray pencil marks. If you’re using crayons or markers, carefully add color to your drawing, paying attention to shadows and highlights to add depth.

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