How to Draw a Lacrosse Player Step by Step

How to Draw a Lacrosse Player with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy sports drawing tutorials for beginners and all.

How to Draw a Lacrosse Player

Please see Lacrosse Player drawing tutorial in the video below

Lacrosse Player Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the Lacrosse helmet

First, draw a dome-shaped outline of the lacrosse helmet. Then, add V-shaped lines along the top of the helmet.

Step 2. Sketch the face guard

Next, create the thin outline of the face guard that attaches to the base of the helmet.

Step 3. Add the body

Now, draw the vertical shape of the lacrosse player’s body. Then add curved lines for the collar.

Step 4. Attach the arms

Draw the player’s elongated arms attached to the torso. Then, form gloves on both ends of the arms as shown.

Step 5. Shape the Lacrosse stick

Start by drawing the long stick-shaped shaft of the lacrosse stick. After that, create the wavy contour of the head.

Step 6. Add string

Draw evenly spaced lines in a diagonal pattern to add the strings of the lacrosse stick.

Step 7. Draw the shorts

Now, sketch the shape of the shorts attached to the torso.

Step 8. Shape the legs and shoes

Next, draw vertical lines below the shorts to outline the legs. Then, create the shape of the shoes similar to the illustration.

Step 9. Complete the Lacrosse player drawing

Let’s color our drawing of a lacrosse player! First, color the helmet with an orange pen and the face guard with a white pen. Next, color the shirt and shorts using blue and orange crayons. Now, use a red pencil for the gloves, a dark blue pencil for the socks, and a brown pencil for the shoes. Then, color the skin with a peach colored pencil. Finally, fill in the body of the lacrosse stick with a light gray pencil and the tip with a red pencil.

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