How to Draw a Rooster ( Chicken) | Draw animals

How to Draw a Rooster step by step for kids with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.

How to Draw a Rooster

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw a circle as a guide for the front part of the rooster body. Circle is not perfect. It’s just a guide. Leave enough space in the top right and left to draw the top of the chicken and the long tail.

Step 2

Draw an arc in the upper right of the circle to complete the instructions for the rooster body. The final result must be a shape similar to the egg. In this case, eggs come before chicken!

Step 3

Draw a circle above the body on the right as a guide for the head. Sheep has a small head, so draw a small circle. Do not place the circle too high or your rooster will end up with a long neck. Draw a triangular shape to the right of the rooster’s head as a guide for the mine.

Step 4

Draw a few lines connecting the head and rooster body to form the neck. Draw a long curve on the left side of the body as a guide to the rooster tail. Under the body, draw an L-shaped line as a guide for the rooster’s legs. That’s it for the original outline! From this point on, emphasize more with your pencil to get a better defined sketch.

Step 5

Draw the eye on the head of the chicken head by sketching a small circle. Then darken the circle and make the top part flatter so it’s more than half circle. Polished inside the eye except a small circle to represent the glare. Pushing harder with the pencil near the middle of the eye to have a darker value than the student. Draw a few lines around the rooster for more details.

Step 6

Use the triangle to guide the chicken. Draw a curve near the middle of the triangle for the mouth. Then add the top and bottom of the beak, ensuring that the head of the dog drops slightly. Draw a small oval at the top for the nostrils.

Step 7

Draw the top or brush the chicken head. First draw two curves for the sides of the comb. Then draw the curved lines between the two sides to finish the comb. Draw individual curves of different length and thickness, with longer intervals in the middle.

Step 8

Draw a loose skin under the rooster, called wattle. First outline a U-shaped curve, then darken the outline and make it more angular. Draw the rest of the chicken head with the original circle as a guide. Draw a line around the rooster for the meat inside the head. Add a few shorter strokes below the eyes to see details inside the head.

Step 9

Use the L-shaped line at the bottom to guide the chicken legs. Sketch the shape of your leg as you take the path of the line. The hens have three toes and a point backward. It also has a high boost up on the legs. When you get the structure of the rooster of the right foot, darken the lines. You can make the stimulation on the legs longer if you want to. Add nails at the end of the toes too. Now draw the rooster leg on the other side using the first leg as the guide. Draw the outline of the forefoot to get the proper structure. Then, darken the lines and add to the rooster’s toes and stimulate at the top. Draw the claws at the end of each toe.

Step 10

Draw the top of the rooster body using the original shape as the guide. On the left side of the original circle, draw a curve for the feathers that overlap and hang on the wings. Use the short, concise strokes inside the figure for details of feathers in the back.

Step 11

Inside the original circle in the lower right, draw a series of lines for the folded wings of the rooster. Use short, short hairs as you draw paths in the same direction. Straight lines should be short in the head, and they will gradually grow to the bottom of the circle. Draw the neck by blackening the junction of the head of the rooster into the body.

Step 12

Use the curve on the left to guide drawing the tail rooster. The tail feathers can be very complex, so be sure to pause the video to draw the rooster at your own pace. Draw a long curved curve near the middle of the initial tail feathers. Then draw the two remaining feathers overlap at the top of the path. Add a feather under the head two, feather in the middle of the head and one in the middle of the two.

Step 13

For a clearer look, remove as much as possible the original instructions. Do not worry about erasing all of them. Allowed to leave behind. Complete the rooster by coloring your selection

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