How to Draw a Badminton Step by Step

How to Draw a Badminton with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. With 6 simple steps to follow, children will enjoy designing their own badminton on paper

How to Draw a Badminton

Please see Badminton drawing tutorial in the video below

Badminton Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Shape the head

Start by shaping the head of the badminton racket by drawing an oval circle.

Step 2. Attach the racket shaft

Next, draw the long, thin shape of the racket shaft attached to the head.

Step 3. Sketch the handle

Sketch the racket’s handle by drawing a slightly larger cylinder attached to the top of the shaft.

Step 4. Draw the shuttlecock

First, draw the domed outline of the cork tip. Next, add short, straight lines attached to the top of the cork. Then, draw pointed ovals to add the outline of the feathers.

Step 5. Draw the wires

Draw evenly spaced straight lines in a diagonal pattern to add the strings of the badminton racket.

Step 6. Complete the badminton drawing

Grab your colored pencils and add a little color to your badminton drawing! First, shade the racket head with a dark blue pencil. Next, color the handle and shaft using shades of gray. Now, use white and dark gray pens to color the cork tip of the shuttlecock. Then, use vibrant colors to paint each feather of the shuttlecock.

You can see more drawings:

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