How To Draw Pretty Girl Step by Step

How To Draw Pretty Girl easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Girl drawing for beginners and everyone.

How To Draw Pretty Girl

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Drawing Neelu

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First thing, what you need to know: size doesn’t matter. A girl with a thin body, but can also be plump. But when you draw your figure, you have to know, in real life what every girl knows: What can she wear and what can’t she wear? In the picture you have seen some examples, what can’t wear a beautiful plump girl (what a skinny girl, of course, she can).

Step 2

A pretty girl doesn’t have typical poses, but if their personalities aren’t the same you can draw this in that pose too. You see, the first girl is sure of herself, and her top personality, her posture is radiant. But the second girl is shy, she’s not sure herself, and her body spasms. The third girl pose is a combination of the first and second poses. She stares and flirts, but she’s also mysterious. If you get the right pose for your figure, you can show her personality from the first moment you feel it.

Step 3

Look at the types of faces, and you have to know which type, what you need. You are the stylist for your figure, so you need to know what her face/hair style is, it’s her own style. For example, if she has a large forehead, she needs to curl her hair. (p.s. Last variant is Triangle Face)

Step 4

Most scientists say that the ideal person has a symmetrical face. That’s what’s important in the concept of beauty. As you can see in the picture, asymmetrical faces don’t look good. And you must know that, in the human face, everything is at the center of something. (The eyes are in the center of the top of the head and chin. The eyebrows are in the center of the eyes and the top of the head. The nose is in the center of the eyes and chin. The mouth is in the center of the chin and the nose.)

Step 5

Pretty girls also have long eyelashes. In the picture you can see some examples of drawing styles for long lashes (from a simple liner to a more detailed one. And here are some eye views, you can also draw lashes more easily.

Step 6

So are some examples of makeup, because it’s also important. You can choose permissions for your image. But never forget: Don’t wear too much makeup!

Step 7

After the face and face shape, you will see here some hairstyles, but it is not all of them. The hairstyle of a beautiful girl can be female, or boyish, or rasta, short or long, the only thing you have to know, which hairstyle suits your personality.

Step 8

The last thing before the “How to draw..” section is the clothes. It’s not all of them, like in the hairstyle page, but you can see some examples for some “typical character names”. It helps you, what you need. Of course, you can change and mix these, but there are always levels!

Step 9

The first step in the “How to draw…” section is the basis of the pose. You can draw body lines and views.

Step 10

After the baseline, you can draw a simple base body. It makes drawing easier.

Step 11

Start the drawing with the upper part of the body, the head. 1. Draw the shape of her face and start the front hairline. 2. The next step is the upper eyelid, nose, ears, mouth and eyebrow line. 3. Complete the eyes, and draw the eyeballs and complete the nose too. 4. Draw long lashes. 5. Draw the basic form of the hairstyle. 6. And finally, you can draw the little details of the hair.

Step 12

You can start drawing the body. Draw the neck and shoulders. My drawing has a hooded garment, so I draw the base form of the hood.

Step 13

You draw the details of the hood, and the collarbone.

Step 14

Draw the arms on the side, which is an important part of this pose.

Step 15

After these, the next step is the bust, drawing her base form.

Step 16

Draw the lines of the clothes and also of the pants. This figure is sitting, so you can also draw the details of the stomach.

Step 17

Next is the base form of the legs. In this pose, you can’t see the bottom of your legs, so you don’t need to draw this part. Only to the knee.

Step 18

And the last part of “How to draw …” is the detail of the trousers.

Step 19

Your own pretty girl picture is done, now color her as you like! After that, everything is up to you. I really enjoyed drawing this figure with you, I hope, you too! Well done guys!


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