How to draw a rose in a vase Step by Step

How to draw a rose in a vase with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Flower drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.


Please see rose in a vase drawing tutorial in the video below

In this lesson, I want to show you how to draw a rose in a vase. This is a great drawing object. You will easily complete this lesson and enjoy the creative process.

Lessons are designed specifically for beginner artists, and you can use the skills you’ve learned in the future when you want to draw beautiful still lifes.

I think you will enjoy learning how to draw a rose in a vase. Thanks to the step-by-step instructions, you will quickly create a beautiful drawing. It uses simple lines and some elements that are easy to reproduce.

You can improve your drawing and make small additions. For example, you can draw a beautiful ornament on a vase. Use your creative imagination to achieve the best results!

Rose in a vase Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of the bud.
Determine the size of the rose and draw an even oval.

Step 2. Draw the outer petals.
Using smooth circular lines, draw two petals along the edges of the bud.

Step 3. Add the petals inside the bud.
Draw a few circles in the center of the bud.

Step 4. Sketch the sepals.
At the bottom of the bud draw two thin leaves.

Step 5. Draw the trunk.
Describe two lines down from the bud.

Step 6. Add the top of the vase.
With the help of some smooth lines, depict the neck of the vase and the sides.

Step 7. Draw the rest of the vase.
Continue the lines and draw the widest part of the vase and the bottom.

Step 8. Sketch the leaves.
Draw two small leaves on the stem.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
Choose red for the buds, green for the leaves and stems, and blue for the vase.

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