How to Draw A rose with Pencil Step by Step

How to Draw A rose by Pencil easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Flower drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone.

How to Draw A rose by Pencil Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

If you are using reference, sketching a rose is really easy, it is important to start from the center out, wing by wing. Pay attention to the petals in the middle, as they are so small and fragile, there is a lot of detail in a small area.

Step 2

Your finished sketch should look like this. Leaving aside the original, I also planned to draw that, but decided not to draw the background as I made the background, not to draw the original.

Step 3

Before you start coloring, thicken the contours of the petals, because when you do the tone and shadow, it will be difficult to see the lines. A thick line solves that problem, but don’t make it too thick or dark, I used 5B for that. Then you can start toning with the same 5B, don’t over-press, this just tells you where the ball is.

Step 4

Proceed with coloring, as you can see, I didn’t thicken the contour for all the petals, because on the right side there was more light and I didn’t want to have to delete the outlines afterwards. You can still do it if you think it will be easier, just remember to delete them after finishing shading, remember, an actual drawing has no borders.

Step 5

Now take 7 or 8B and paint in the darkest areas, they may not be completely black on this photo, but that’s due to my scanner, it adds extra light.

Step 6

Blur the areas you’ve toned so that the individual lines are not visible, then take 5B and recompose those areas again, but this time with a little more emphasis and color correction using the transitions circle of pencil tip.

Step 7

Now, before starting to cast realistic detail shadows, study this little tutorial I made on how to shade rose petals. The steps are very easy, make the color even, add tones, fade in, use a darker tone where the petal starts and where it ends, use sharp eraser to highlight it. It’s quite similar to drawing lips, it’s actually identical. I hope you find it useful.

Step 8

Now you can proceed to shade your petals. As you can notice, some of the shadows have very obvious edges, because it’s the shadow of another petal. Remember, the right side is brighter because the light is on the right.

Step 9

Continuing with shading, takes your time, as the process is very time consuming. If you notice, I start to shade the outer petals first, unlike the outline, where you start with the inner petals. This is because there is a lot of detail in the center and you want to focus on that at the end. Plus, your hands will be all over the drawing, and chances are you’ll ruin the center details if you start there first.

Step 10

Complete the remaining petals using the same procedure as before.

Step 11

Now let’s focus on the interior, same process, just make sure you sharpen your pencil.

Step 12

You’re about to finish, take your time, use the sharp pencil, I used HB and 2B.

Step 13

Background is optional, your drawing will look good. This dark background is really easy to do. Don’t start drawing it with your pencil, it takes too much time and is really painful because your hands will hurt. Instead, grab a small knife or any blade and start scraping the graphite powder around the rose (be careful not to cut yourself). I have a graphite stick, as thick as a normal pencil, but no wood, just mine. You will need A LOT of graphite powder, so if you only have a normal pencil, it will take a while to buy enough. After wrapping the graphite powder around the rose, grab some cotton balls and start whisking until the paper turns black. If not, apply more powder on the area. Be careful near the petals, you don’t want the powder to stick to them, and if you accidentally get the dough on them, slowly erase it. I think you’ve accomplished a lot.

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