How to draw a megalodon shark

How to draw a megalodon shark easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy animals to draw for beginenrs and everyone.

How to draw a megalodon shark

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Let’s draw Megalodon Shark! Start with an oblique, curved line, going to the right. It will then turn at one point, and lean down and to the left, before turning in to make another, and then down and to the right. This forms another point where the line turns into a slanting curve going down and to the left.

Step 2

Now place a circle and a line near the front of the shark for the eyes and nose. Then put many small sharp teeth into the mouth.

Step 3

Next comes the bearing! This will be 5 vertical lines, that curve is slightly curved in the middle. They will be placed behind the mouth, about halfway between the top and bottom of the shark.

Step 4

For the fins and the rest of the back, make another line slanting up and to the left, starting at the end of the back you drew. This line will create a point, rotated down and to the left with a slight curve. Then draw a straight line facing back, slightly curved and with a small pointed bump near the back to do the rest of the back.

Step 5

To create the bottom fin, make two curves outward, then downward. The front side should curve backwards, while the other side is mostly up and down with a slight tilt to the back. The two should meet in a little trick.

Step 6

For the rest of the belly, make a curve to the left and up. There must be a point about half the dorsal length to create another very small fin at the bottom. Another smaller spot will be located later, near the left side of the animal.

Step 7

Posterior fin has four lines. A line slant up and to the left, before connecting at a point to slant down and to the right. This will combine with another line that skews down and to the left, also curving slightly backwards. The final line will curve, but tilt up and to the right to connect to the bottom of the Shark.

Step 8

Now draw a jagged line starting at the bottom half of the tail and going along the bottom of the shark. It will stop at the fin, and start again on the other side to be pulled right up to the tip of the shark’s nose. This is the lighter color Megalodon Shark has.

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