How to Draw a Black Bear Step by Step

How to Draw a Black Bear with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Animals Drawing easy for beginners and all.

How to Draw a Black Bear

Please see Black Bear drawing tutorial in the video below

Black Bear Drawing Step by Step

Step 1

Start this step by drawing the basic tutorial work. These guides are simply made up of shapes and a series of lines to keep the drawing process in order. To draw to scale, you need to master common shapes.

Step 2

Next, draw the muzzle for your black bear. This needs careful attention to familiarize you with the general black bear snout shape. Eye rims can be optional. You can line your brows along the ridges or leave them blank.

Step 3

Then draw the bear’s front paws. This will be a bit easy due to the lack of detail.

Step 4

Complete the face by drawing the eyes and pupils. You can give your bear a more “fun” look by applying eyeliner over his eyes. Add a fluff to the edges of the cheeks. Do not forbid drawing the nose and hind legs.

Step 5

Complete the drawing by completing the back arch and the rest of the leg detail. Detail the nails by adding lines to define the distance between the nails. Once done, you’ll have yourself a cute black bear!

Step 6

Your finished artwork will resemble this line art. If you are not satisfied with your results, try the tutorial again. Never give up because you don’t get immediate results. This lesson just gives you the leap to better drawing skills.

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