Drawing of Peacock Step by Step || How to draw a Peacock cute and easy

Drawing of Peacock cute ans easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw a bird for beginners and kids.

drawing of peacock

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Start by drawing two curves, roughly around an oval. These lines will form the peacock’s head.

Step 2

Draw an upside-down, curved triangle to form the upper part of the beak. Draw a nostril on the beak with a short curve and surround the lower part of the beak with a curve.

Step 3

Stretching a long curve and a short curve from the top, outlining the graceful curved neck.

Step 4

Draw a long and curved line from the neck. At the end of the line, draw the feathers using the connected “U”-shaped lines. Add more feathers to the bird’s back using “U” shaped lines of different sizes.

Step 5

Draw a long upside-down “U” shape to outline the part near the wing. Wrap the shape of the wing using connected “U”-shaped lines to form feathers.

Step 6

Add feathering details all over the bird’s body and neck using small “U”-shaped lines. Allow some lines to connect with others.

Step 7

Draw more feathers on the near wings using the connected “U”-shaped lines.

Step 8

Start to sketch the peacock’s long and flowing tail. Spans two sets of joined curves of different lengths, allowing the lines to meet at jagged points. Between these lines, stretch curves of different lengths from the bird’s body.

Step 9

Continue the sequence of curves, connecting on each side. Interior details of the tail section with curved lines of different lengths.

Step 10

Continue the lines of the tail using the curves, joined together at jagged points. Allows lines to converge at one point, around the tail.

Step 11

Draw some ovals near the base of the tail. These outline the peacock’s eye points. Add a few more curves to the texture.

Step 12

Continue drawing oval eye points in the center of the tail.

Step 13

Add additional oval eye spots until the entire tail is filled with these spots.

Step 14

In each eye point, draw a circle. In each circle, draw a circle in the shape of the letter “W”.

Step 15

Draw the far wing using a curve. Add some flying feathers to its head using the “U” shaped lines.

Step 16

Give the peacock an perch to rest. Stretch a set of parallel curves on each side of the tail. These lines form a tree branch. Add a few curves along its length to give it the texture of the wood. Draw a small curve between the branch and the wings to indicate the bird’s feet.

Step 17

Draw the peacock’s eyes using two curves, allowing them to meet at a point on each end. Draw a curve through the eye to cover the pupil. Mark your eyes with two small circles. Shading between the line and the circles.

Step 18

Draw curves for the beak and eyes.

Step 19

Draw the feathers on the peacock’s head. Draw many sets of curves extending from the top of the head. Then, draw a circle on top of each set of lines.

Step 20

Color your majestic peacock.



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