How To Draw Pocahontas Step by Step

How To Draw Pocahontas easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Learn to draw for beginners and everyone.

How To Draw Pocahontas

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

In the first step of the Pocahontas tutorial, we’ll start with the outlines of her head and hair.

First, use some circles to contour her face and remember to add her ears. Then use two shorter lines for her neck, and then use some longer wavy lines for her hair to fall over her head.

For now, we won’t draw any details on the face, but we will be adding more details in the next few steps of the tutorial, so keep it up!

Step 2 – Now draw her face, breasts and lots of hair

To continue this Pocahontas drawing, we will add a lot of detail to her face, hair and chest.

Her face is drawn with some simple lines and shapes, but although they are simple, it culminates in a rather expressive face.

Use some angled lines for her eyes, then add some little dots for her nose. Finally, draw her smiling mouth using some more curves.

Moving down, we’ll draw some slim shapes for the necklace she’s wearing, and then you can draw the top she’s wearing.

This will also be drawn with some curves, but there will be some sharp cuts to it to make it look a bit rougher.

Finally, draw her arched shoulders and then add her wavy hair that falls over her shoulders. Her hair will also have some curvy details drawn inside the contour, and then we can move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Draw her arms and the rest of the top

For this step of the Pocahontas drawing tutorial, we will draw her arms along with more of her outfit.

Her arms will be at her hips to make her look more comfortable and they will extend down from the shoulders you started with in the previous step.

You can then draw her thin waist then move it outwards to form the bottom part of the outfit. This outfit will have a pointed toe at the base and will also have a striped hem near its bottom.

Step 4 – Next, draw the starting point of her legs

This drawing of Pocahontas already looks great! All that’s left is to draw her legs and some final strokes, and we’ll start working on that in this section.

She’s not wearing any shoes, so we’ll draw her legs and feet extending from underneath her outfit.

Now, use a slight curve for her knees and the rest of the leg to extend to the top of her foot. Once drawn, we can move on to the final details in the next step of the tutorial!

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Pocahontas Drawing

Now you’re ready to perfect the legs and any other final touches in this step of our Pocahontas tutorial.

The main aspect to finish off in this step will be the rest of her leg contour. Use some more curves for the back of the leg that you started with in the previous step.

The human leg has a very specific muscle structure, so do your best to recreate the leg like in our example.

You can finish by stretching her legs back a bit and then you’re ready for the final step!

Before you continue, you can also add any additional ideas you may have for the image. Can you think of any great scenes from the movies that you could draw as a backdrop for Pocahontas?

Step 6 – Finish your Pocahontas drawing in color

For the final step of the Pocahontas painting, you can end up with some color!

We kept her colors accurate to her film appearances in our reference image, so you can follow along with this image if you want to recreate her look. It’s from the movies.

Her clothes are made from animal skins, so it has a light beige color. Then we used some blue for her necklace, brown for her skin tone and finally some black for her hair.

Will you use these colors for your own drawings or will you choose some unique choices? We look forward to seeing what you achieve!

Remember that you can also have loads of fun experimenting with different art tools and media to achieve your color choices. Why not try an art medium you’ve never used before for this image?

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