How to Draw Princess Celestia from My Little Pony

How to Draw Princess Celestia from My Little Pony with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to Draw Princess Celestia from My Little Pony

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

On our website I have it all, even individual pencil drawing lessons starting with the simple ones. Today’s lesson will be no exception, we start drawing our Princess Celestia with the last two very simple parts which will be the head and body.

The top image is rounded and somewhat resembles an inverted water drop, while the bottom image looks like a pea or a miniature from the cartoon “Despicable Me” in a horizontal position.

Step 2

This two shapes, is draw at the end of the end, use the two sugar near as parallel (the near the end of the like, and the near surface, have a one smooth curve).

Step 3

Draw the legs of Princess Celestia. The legs look like oblong and slightly curved cylinders. The adjustable leg consists of a simple figure and the bent leg consists of a simple two figure.

Step 4

Mark on Princess Celestia’s face. Draw on that three curves, equally spaced. These lines will help us draw facial features.

Step 5

Using the instructions from the previous step, draw the contours of Princess Celestia’s eyes and lift.

Step 6

Draw diadem and ears. Also, draw the contours of Celestia’s hair – the bottom of the little hairs behind her ears at the nape of the neck. And the top section of hair goes up, enclosing the hair and section. In the future, draw the eye and the pupil inside the eye.

Step 7

In this step of the drawing lesson on how to draw Princess Celestia, we sketch the silhouette of the horse’s mane – the size of which is almost superior to all the previously drawn bodies. The mane should continue the hairline from the previous step, enclosing the hair and string.

Step 8

Remove the face of the plug-in adds tutorial of Princess Celestia, circling features, cycles, and diadem. We discuss and write in just two short strokes.

Step 9

Use long and curved lines to draw the details of the mane. Do not forget about the important rule – the beautiful mane of Celestia, like any hair in general, must be drawn in the direction from the roots to the ends.

Step 10

We discussed the outlines of the page on Princess Celestia’s chest. Circle the leg contours so we can cycle more value. n similar steps, draw the mane contour, located at the back of the neck.

Step 11

Erase the guide excess of the torso and legs, and circle the contours to get the same result as in our example.

Step 12

Circle the contours of the curved wings and the outer contours of the large feathers. Note – the feather contours in size as it approaches the body. The contours of the feathers we draw when we draw the hair – from bottom to top.

Step 13

Encircle the outlines of the feathers, giving the complete look of Princess Celestia’s wings. Paint on the child, to return the protest look, like in our example.

Step 14

Using wavy lines draw the silhouette of our splendid Princess Celestia.

Step 15

Draw patterns on Celestia’s diadem, chest, as well as the bottom of her legs and on her thighs. We also edit the tail’s lines – like the lines from the previous step, we have to work and curve.

Step 16

In us, I’m on the last step of the princess Celestia drawing tutorial. Draw a horizontal line on top of Princess Celestia. Note that their magnitude order is ascending towards the top. Color it.

It was a drawing lesson on the theme of the cartoon My Little Pony, and today we will show you how to draw Princess Celestia. Tutorial prepared by Good bye!

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