How to Draw A Scarecrow Step by Step

How to Draw A Scarecrow easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to Draw A Scarecrow

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

We will start this tutorial on how to draw a scarecrow by drawing a scarecrow’s head.

The head will be made out of a pumpkin to really match the Halloween feel that scarecrows usually have!

Before you draw this pumpkin head, you can start with the hat on his head first. This will be drawn with an oval vertex, two lines going down from there and then a circular rim.

Once you’ve drawn this hat, you can also add some lines to it to create a diagonal bloom effect that makes it look like it’s made of straw.

Finally, you can draw the pumpkin head by drawing some curved lines going down from the hat. Some simple lines for the eyes and a jagged line for the mouth would complete it nicely!

Step 2 – Draw the scarecrow’s first arm

Now that you’ve finished the first part of the scarecrow drawing, you can start on the scarecrow’s first arm.

The scarecrow will be wearing a coat, so the arms will be covered in that material. You can also use some curved lines to draw the laces around the sleeves of the jacket.

Finally, some straw and wood will stick out from the sleeve as shown in the reference image. That’s all it takes for this step and you’re ready to go!

Step 3 – Now you can draw the other arm

You successfully drew the first arm in the previous step of our scarecrow tutorial, and in this step you can draw the other arm.

This shouldn’t be a challenge for you, as all you need to do is draw a mirror image of the arm you drew in the previous step. However, you can always change the details a bit if you want!

Step 4 – Next, draw the scarecrow’s shirt and coat

We will be stretching the scarecrow’s clothes down from the top in this step. First, start by drawing the collar at the base of the neck.

Then use some curves for the sides of his jacket to hang down. Finally, draw a vertical line down the middle of his shirt, and then draw some small circles going down it for the buttons.

You can also add some little squares with lines at the edges for the patches on his shirt.

Step 5 – Now you can add the final details and elements

This part of our tutorial on how to draw a scarecrow will include adding some details and final elements before the final step.

First, use some straight lines coming from the scarecrow for the pole he’s hanging from.

You can then add some crows to his arm to show that this might not be the most effective scarecrow ever!

That will wrap up the details of this tutorial, but before you proceed, you should be free to add any of your own details that you might like!

A great addition would be to create a background for your photo. You can draw something like a cornfield or maybe a horror haunted house as a background to create an even more Halloween-inspired look.

Can you think of background elements of the hat or additional details to include your own gyro in this puppet drawing?

Step 6 – Finish your scarecrow drawing with some colors

Now that you’ve completed your puppet drawing, you can now bring it to life in the final step of our puppet drawing tutorial!

In our reference image, we used some orange for the pumpkin, and then finished with some blue and brown for the rest of the scarecrow.

We also add splashes of colors like green and red for finer details in the image.

This is the step where you can really get creative and use any color you love!

There are so many ways you can incorporate your favorite colors into this image, and you can use different artistic mediums to bring these colors to life.

Media like watercolor or crayons can be great for images with a more spooky feel like this one.

On the other hand, using mediums like acrylic paint, crayons or markers will bring some pops of color to the image which looks great too!

What colors, art tools and mediums will you use to perfect this image?

Your scarecrow drawing is done!

Go to the end of this scarecrow tutorial!

This image may seem like an intimidatingly difficult scenario to do, but we hope that by following this tutorial, you find it not only easy, but a lot of fun!

Now that you’ve finished this image, you can go even further by adding your details and elements.

We’ve covered some ideas like adding your own context or details, so you can decide what kind of spooky setting you want your scarecrow in!

We have more drawing tutorials like this for you to enjoy on our website! We hope to see you there often, as we regularly upload new guides for you to enjoy.

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