How to draw a tow truck Step by Step


This lesson on how to draw a trailer for kindergarten will be really simple, as it will consist of very simple lines and details. They can be drawn with or without a ruler.

But I definitely recommend trying to draw this car without using any additional tools. Drawing lines and details will help a young artist learn to create straight lines on paper.

So if you’re ready, scroll down the page, grab your favorite art tools and start creating!

Tow truck Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Sketch the cabin.
Do it using a few simple straight lines.

Step 2. Add window and cargo area.
Draw the window using simple lines and the cargo area is a flat rectangle.

Step 3. Sketch the wheel.
You need to draw the wheels using many circles of different diameters.

Step 4. Add lifting device.
As before, simple straight lines should be used here.

Step 5. Sketch the hook.
During this stage, you will need to add hooks with a straight and curved line.

Step 6. Color the buggy drawing.
I used yellow, gray, blue and black for this drawing. You can choose your own color!

You can see more drawing:

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