How to Draw a Girl with Braided Hair

How to Draw a Girl with Braided Hair with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Girl drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How to Draw a Girl with Braided Hair

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

Art of Drawing

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Before we get to the helpful tips, let’s at least draw out the frames of our face and torso. Start with a circle for the tops of their heads. Then you will outline the cheekbones and jawline for the lower half of the face. Next, add principles in between the headers. Finally draw the neck shape, contour and body contour.

Step 2

This is a very useful tip about the different eye perspectives that the eyes have in different positions and head frames. All you have to do is glance to the right and read what I have to say. This information will not only help you to draw your eyes better, but it can also explain well about different viewing angles.

Step 3

Back to the tutorial. Begin to outline the shape or lining of the upper half of the eye. Next, draw a single line for the upper lip of the mouth. You may also want to add lashes to the tip of your lashes.

Step 4

We will now explore different views of the mouth, where the face is drawn in three different positions, front, side and three quarters. I explain how you should define the shape of your mouth to draw, and how to make sure you position your mouth correctly when drawing your face at different angles.

Step 5

Finish outlining the eyes, and then start outlining the nose and the rest of the mouth. As you can see the face is in a three-quarter position, the bridge of the nose is outlined at an angle to show the left eye. The mouth on the same model looks fuller and more sexy. The model has a forward facing face with only the head and sides of the nose outlined inward. The mouth seems more serious and firm.

Step 6

Here’s another helpful tip that explains some of the points you need to know when drawing or sketching a nose from different angles. Side view, front view and three fourth views. What does the shadow look like, and the different shapes for the human nose.

Step 7

Outline the eyebrows, and then the eyeballs. Once you have your eyes and eyebrows in place, you can start sketching your chosen hairstyle. I looked for wavy, layered looks for both models, but you can also choose to outline in short, straight, or curly hair. Proceed to the next step when you are done.

Step 8

Now you can finalize the face models by sketching out the rest of their hairstyles. Make sure to outline each strand, highlight, and texture to the hair. Don’t forget to outline the torso, sleeves, and collar for each girl. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 9

Here’s how your girls will look when they’re done. You can choose to color these pretty faces, but I’ll just leave them as sketches if it’s a sketch. I hope you had fun drawing faces with me today. Be sure to join me next time for more drawing fun.

Drawing, sketching supplies and Painting you may need:

  1. Assorted Color Sharpie Permanent Markers
  2. Glitter metallic paint pens sparkle water-based marker pen
  3. White sharpie extra fine paint markers pack oil based
  4. mixed media sketchbook drawing pad
  5. Sharpie permanent markers ultimate cosmic color collection
  6. Crayons for kids and everyone
  7. Prismacolor premier colored pencils
  8. Watercolor pens for painting
  9. Acrylic colour set for painting
  10. Paper for drawing and Painting

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