How to Draw a Cute Anime Girl Step by Step

How to Draw a Cute Anime Girl easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Anime drawing for beginners and kids.

How to Draw a Cute Anime Girl Step by Step

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

  Sketch – Ký họa

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Draw the head of the cute anime girl

Cute-looking anime characters usually have a larger head and forehead with a smaller chin.

For the front view, start by drawing an oval for the top of the head and adding the lower half of the face. The lower part of the face narrows significantly as it goes down.

For the side view again, let’s start with the oval of the top of the head, drawing the nose / jaw area. Leave the details like lips for the following steps.

At this stage, it is only necessary to estimate the position of the nose for the side view (discussed in Step 3).

Step 2 – Place and draw eyes & eyebrows

To look cuter, keep your eyes lower than usual. Also, make sure you draw big and tall eyes.

In this case, we’re going to actually put the eye by placing the eyebrows first. To do this, draw a precise horizontal line through the center of the head and draw the lower part of the eyebrow touching this line. Remember that the eyes can move depending on the character’s facial expression. This pose is for the eyebrows in a natural position.

You can draw a bit of the eyelids directly on this line and a little brow below that.

Step 3 – Place & Draw the Nose

Draw the nose line between the face and under the chin.

Step 4 – Drawing & Placing Ear

The ears will be covered with the hair in the following steps but we will work on placing them in case you want to draw a different hairstyle.

Place the ear between the top of the half point between the top of the eye and the chin.

To learn more about drawing anime ears, see:

How to draw Anime and Manga Ears

Step 5 – Place & Draw the mouth

To place the mouth, draw it exactly between the nose and the chin.

For a cute look, remember to draw a small mouth. You can also draw a bit of a break inside the mouth.

For more on how to draw anime mouths, see:

How to Draw Oral Expressions in Anime and Manga

Step 6 – Draw cheeks & blush

To give the character a cuter (but also more childish) look, add a bit of blush to the cheeks. For the straight line version, you can do this by drawing some corner lines.

Step 7 – Draw hair

For a cute-looking character, you can style the hair into a bun.


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