Cute Kirby Drawing easy Steo by Step

Cute Kirby Drawing easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw catoons for beginners and kids.

How To Draw Kirby

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below


You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1 – Draw Kirby’s Sketch

First, just draw a simple and clear circle. To get the perfect circle shape, get a compass or circle a round object. Kirby should be light, flexible, airy. The shape of a circle feels smooth and harmonious, so try to draw an even and neat circle.

Step 2 – Draw Kirby’s Eyes and Mouth

Kirby’s eyes look like elongated ovals. Place them in the center of the circle and stretch them up. The mouth looks like a funny button, it should be a circle right in the middle of the Kirby circle. Make the Japanese version of Kirby – funny and fun (also the American version – more aggressive).

Step 3 – Kirby Drawing Detail

Be Kirby’s cheek. Two equally sized ovals at the same distance from the nose. Draw an arc along the mouth – that’s the tongue. Moreover, you can start drawing in detail the eyes – draw two pupils in the form of ovals and place them in the upper corners of the eyes. Kirby’s eyes have more emotion now!

Step 4 – Draw Kirby’s Bracelets

Let’s create fun feet! Draw two smooth and rounded lines at the top and bottom. There will be two ovals. Kirby was able to wave his legs! By the way, Kirby can breathe air and fly through the air, balancing on these very legs!

Step 5 – Draw Kirby’s Legs

Now let’s draw chubby legs. These are very animated and fun feet – draw two lines with arcs, connecting them from below, but try to maintain symmetry. The feet should be the same size. Do your movements slowly, because you are light, we believe!

Step 6 – Remove the rule

Erase the lines of the largest circle that we drew in the beginning. Next, highlight the entire Kirby drawing with a darker color to make it more animated. Good! Kirby has a solid outline.

Step 7 – Kirby Color

It still adds a subtle hint of pink to the body. The legs will be burgundy. With these legs, Kirby will walk around her dome house. Furthermore, color the cheeks and mouth with pink beige (or try to choose the color to your liking). The main thing is that a pleasant blush should appear on the cheeks.

So let’s see what we get. Kirby looks soft and flexible, fun and well-rounded! Check the outline of the rounded body, as well as the symmetry of the objects in the figure. Praise yourself! Complete mission. Tell us, what are the exact difficulties? And don’t forget to write some ideas for our future drawings in the comments!

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