Candy Shop Drawing Step by Step

Candy Shop Drawing with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Follow along with these clear 9 drawing steps. You will learn the basics for drawing a candy shop.

Candy Shop Drawing

Please see Candy Shop drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to Candy Shop simple step-by-step drawing guide below

This lesson only takes about 30 minutes and comes as a pdf that you can easily print or download. The pdf instructions even contain a “coloring book” page with only line drawings. This pairs perfectly with crayons or colored pencils. This is helpful for very young children who need extra guidance and are simply looking to fill a candy store.

Step 1. Draw a sign

First, draw a rectangular outline of the sign. Next, write the words “CANDY STORE” in the middle of the sign.

Step 2. Decorate the sign with sweets

Decorate your candy store’s sign with some sweets! First draw a lollipop by creating a spiral-shaped circle. Next, attach the lollipop stick. Now, create the outline of the candy wrapper. Then add small round candies to fill in some of the empty spaces on the sign.

Step 3. Sketch the roof and walls

Sketch the horizontal roof of the candy store. After that, create a rectangular outline of the store’s walls.

Step 4. Add doors and windows

Draw rectangular outlines of doors and windows. Add a vertical line in the middle of the door. Then, draw the supports visible from the window by forming horizontal lines as shown.

Step 5. Draw a cake

First, draw a thin rectangular base for the cake. Next, draw the outline of the cake. Create a wavy line to add some detail to the cake. Then add some frosting on top.

Step 6. Add cupcakes

Place two cupcakes on the bottom rack as shown.

Step 7. Vial sample

Create the outline of two jars on the shelf shown on the left window.

Step 8. Fill the jar with candy

Fill the top jar with lollipops by drawing circles with thin sticks attached to them. Next, fill the bottom jar with J-shaped candy canes. Then, draw diagonal lines on the candy stick.

Step 9. Complete the candy store drawing

Color the candy store to complete the drawing! First, color the roof as well as the door and window frames with an orange pen. Next, fill in the glass on the doors and windows with a light blue pencil. Now, paint the walls of the candy store with a light orange pen. Paint the top part of the wall with a brown pencil. Then, fill in the background of the sign with a white pencil. Use a yellow pencil to color the candy wrappers. For lollipops, use pink and gray pens. Finally, use vibrant colors like blue, green, and pink to shade the candy on the sign.

You can see more drawing:

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