How to draw Terminator Step by Step

How to draw Terminator with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. With the help of a simple instruction, you will quickly draw this popular character.


Please see Terminator drawing tutorial in the video below

So now you will learn how to draw Terminator step by step. This is the character of a series of famous sci-fi movies. The main plot of the film is the confrontation between a soldier and a robot. The film was hugely popular, and upon its release posters, stickers, and other properties featuring the Terminator’s image appeared.

Terminator is a humanoid robot. Inside it consisted of liquid metal, and on the outside it had the appearance of a mighty, formidable warrior. The evil destroyer brings destruction. This man from the future has excellent eyesight, great strength and stamina. One of the Terminator’s eyes looks unusual because it’s red.

In this tutorial, the Terminator is rendered in chibi style and looks pretty harmless. Terminator has a large head, relatively small body, and short limbs. Try to describe these features in your drawing.

Terminator Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the head and body.
Draw the head as a circle and add a small body below it.

Step 2. Add the elements of the face.
Draw two oval eyes, small nose and mouth.

Step 3. Describe the rest of the top elements.
Draw the eyebrows in the same shape as in the example and draw the oval ears.

Step 4. Sketch the hair.
With smooth lines, draw the contours of the hair on the head.

Step 5. Draw the legs.
At the bottom of the body, draw two legs placed together.

Step 6. Draw the arm.
Using smooth lines, add arms that fit snugly against the body.

Step 7. Add clothes.
Draw a short coat with the help of a few lines.

Step 8. Correct the inaccuracies.
Remove any extra lines and correct errors if necessary.

Step 9. Color the Terminator.
You will need beige, pink and some shades of gray.

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