How to draw a Stickman Step by Step

How to draw a Stickman with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and all.

How to draw a Stickman

Please see Stickman drawing tutorial in the video below

In this drawing lesson, I want to tell and show you how to draw a stickman step by step. This lesson will be very helpful for any aspiring artist or child. Doing this tutorial will help you improve your art skills as well as learn how to draw more diverse pictures in the future. This lesson does not contain any difficult elements, so you can easily cope with this work.

Surely you have seen the image of a stickman more than once. The stickman is a simple image of a man without detailed drawings of his torso and face. Also, a drawing of this type is called a diagram. Before learning how to draw a realistic person, you need to learn how to draw a stickman. By learning how to draw a stickman with the help of this tutorial, you will be able to complement any of your other drawings with this image, and use it as the main subject of your drawing. .

With this lesson, you can practice drawing different geometric shapes like circles and lines. If you want your drawing to look neater and more beautiful, you can draw straight lines with a ruler. However, if you want to learn how to draw straight lines without the help of a ruler, you can repeat this lesson many times to get a great drawing. If you already want to start this drawing lesson, you can prepare your art supplies now and then enjoy your creation.

Stickman Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the outline of the stickman’s head.
To complete this step, you will need to draw a circle at the top of the artboard.

Step 2. Describe the body of the stickman.
Below the previously drawn circle, draw a vertical line, as shown in the figure.

Step 3. Mark the position of the stickman’s shoulder and pelvis.
A little below the head, as well as at the lower end of the line, draw two lines.

Step 4. Sketch the stickman’s arm.
Use lines of varying lengths to draw the small man’s arms, bent at the elbows.

Step 5. Add the stickman’s legs.
At the bottom of the torso, add two legs, slightly apart, using straight lines of different lengths.

Step 6. Draw the stickman’s facial features.
Inside the outline of the head, draw two identical circles, as well as an arc below them.

Step 7. Make the lines clearer.
If you followed all the steps correctly, you can make the lines more clear and expressive.

You can see more drawing:

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