How to draw a Banker Step by Step


In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a banker step by step. Here is another interesting lesson that will be useful to you and improve your creativity.

In this tutorial, the banker is shown in chibi style. This style is characterized by certain features, when the head is larger than the body, the hands and feet are small, and the facial features are also small.

The banker wore a polite suit befitting his position. You see the big glasses on the banker’s face. All this gives a serious look.

This lesson is designed specifically for beginner artists, so each step includes a simple action that you can easily repeat. I am sure that you will easily get a banker if you are consistent and patient in every step.

Banker Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw an oval for the face.
Sketch a smooth circle.

Step 2. Draw the hair.
The hairstyle has a round shape, the top hair is left to the side.

Step 3. Sketch the body.
The body is smaller than the head and has a trapezoidal shape.

Step 4. Draw the legs.
Draw some smooth lines to draw two small legs.

Step 5. Add the arms.
Draw small arms on each side using smooth lines.

Step 6. Clothing details.
Add collar, tie, pocket and buttons.

Step 7. Add ears and facial features.
Draw the ears with circles, add eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth.

Step 8. Sketch the glass.
Draw the same circles on both sides and connect them in the middle.

Step 9. Color the banker.
Choose any color for skin, hair and clothes.

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