How to Draw a Cartoon Scientist Step by Step

I have prepared for you a very interesting and useful lesson in which you will learn how to draw a scientist step by step. I’m sure you’ve heard many times about a profession as a scientist.

Scientists are often referred to as experts in different fields of science. A scientist can study scientific fields such as the environment and the human body, and the people who represent this profession can make various scientific discoveries and write scientific articles.

Be sure to practice drawing a person with this lesson and this way you can draw a scientist in any of your other drawings.

In this drawing lesson, you’ll first draw the contours of the scientist’s head and torso, and then add his facial features, hairstyle, and outfit.

Step 1. Sketch the scientist’s head.
To draw a human head, sketch an oval.

Step 2. Describe the outline of the body.
Below the previously drawn oval, add a long curved line to describe the sides and legs.

Step 3. Add the scientist’s facial features.
Draw two ovals, two semicircles, and short curved lines.

Step 4. Draw glasses and hairstyle.
Describe the hairstyle with curves. Add glass using straight lines.

Step 5. Sketch the contours of the arms.
One arm is lowered and the other is slightly raised.

Step 6. Draw the scientist’s cape.
Describe this element of the scientist’s outfit with straight lines.

Step 7. Add the vase and costume elements.
Sketch of a vase in the hands of a scientist. Add lines and dots to draw the suit.

Step 8. Correct the inaccuracies.
Use eraser to remove any unnecessary instructions.

Step 9. Color the scientist.
Choose any color for the drawing.

You can see more drawing:


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