How to draw a cartoon chef step by step

How to draw a cartoon chef easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Drawing jobs cartoon for beginners and everyone.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

Draw detailed faces of cartoon chefs
The nose goes right in the center of the cross (face). So draw a circle directly on the center of the cross. Then draw the eyes and then the ears … as well as the circle …. And I couldn’t resist! My cartoon chef had to have one of the “chef-like” mustache. It’s up to you. If you wish, you can leave the mustache together, or you can even save this detail until the end.

Step 2

Now give your chef a hat and a coat!

Step 3

Draw cartoon chef’s hat and coat
Third step – Hat and shirt for your chef
It’s time to give your chef his brand outfit – a “popcorn-like” chef hat and a big white coat!

Make this really simple. All caps are, a rectangle and four circles. Start by drawing a rectangle so that it overlaps a chef’s head. How much it overlaps is up to you! * Tip, draw your rectangle so that it is wider at the base and thinner at the top.

Is that a popcorn hat? It’s correct. And so, to make the top of the hat look like popcorn, go ahead and draw four circles. Arrange them in a semi-circular fashion. I suggest drawing two lower outer circles so they are bigger and the two inner circles above are smaller.

Clean drawings of cartoon chefs
Once you have your hat, add some triangular extensions to the lower left and right areas of the big circle. Now it almost looks like your chef is wearing a coat.

OK, now take your eraser and erase the inside and unwanted lines that make up the chef’s hat. Remove the top of the head, the top of the rectangle and the inside of the four circles that make up the “popcorn-like” area of ​​the hat.

For the jacket, erase the lower outer corners of the circle that makes up the chef’s body. Try your best to blend the triangle with your body so that it looks like a big bell.

Step 4

Hand drawn of cartoon chef
This is a very short story about round and oval rectangles. Very simple, and very quickly. First, for the arm, draw a rectangle. Draw them the way you want – just make sure they extend from the same point (and vice versa) on your chef’s body.

For example, I made my chef’s arm so his right arm was raised a bit.

Step 5

Finally, color him.
You should watch the video tutorial with easy step by step instructions. wish success!


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