How to draw venusaur from pokemon and coloring pages

How to draw venusaur from pokemon step by step for kids

Pokemon drawing coloring pages - How to draw venusaur from pokemon

Please see the detailed and complete instructions in the video

Beginners can also draw venusaur from pokemon in the following steps:

Step 1

Start draw with a football shape with a cross section for facial features. Add a round diamond shape at the top for leaves on Venusaur’s head.

Step 2

Adds a larger football shape to the body part. Add four thorn at the bottom. so that the end is flat. Add some shapes at the back for the leaves…they look like letter ‘J’ and ‘U’ shapes.

Step 3

Start painting a rough palm in the back. Draw a ‘U’ letter upside down for the base and some ‘v’ letters around it. Then connect with lines.

Step 4

Start drawing facial features, ears, and leaf details. The eyes look like a ‘passing’ D ‘and’ C ‘. Draw a nut nose. Draw leaves ‘V’ shaped ears and leaves. The mouth is made up of two tilted shapes – horizontal in the middle. Pay attention to details to draw a balance between the two sides.

Step 5

Draw two curves for the bottom of the mouth. Draw the ‘v’ for the teeth. Draw an oval in each eye in red. Add three triangles to the ends of each leg for the claws.

Step 6

Add some ridges at the edges of the banana shape to define the leaves. Note all images are almost the same as the letter ‘V’. Adding some details to the palm tree’s stem … are the zigzags of the letter ‘M’.
Delete your tutorial lines and you’re done! Darken or thicken any lines that may need some touches.

Step 7

Finally, coloring the character is more prominent

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