How to draw Shepherd step by step

How to draw Shepherd with this how to video and step by step drawing instructions. Easy drawing jobs tutorial for beginners and all.

How to draw Shepherd

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1. Draw the head

First, draw the curved outline of the shepherd’s head. Next, add small curved lines on both sides of the head to form the ears. Now, draw two circles for the eyes and elongated shapes for the eyebrows. Then, draw short curved lines for the nose and mouth.

Step 2. Add the hat

Start by creating an oval shape for the base of the hat. Now add a curved line to form the top part of the hat.

Step 3. Shape the body

First, draw the triangle of the collar. Add a vertical line below the collar. Then, shape the sleeves and body like the illustration.

Step 4. Draw the belt

Draw a rectangular buckle then form the thin straps of the belt.

Step 5. Add pants

Form the shape of the pants as shown. Then add the thin outline of the folded cuffs at the bottom.

Step 6. Sketch the boots

Sketch the shape of the shepherd’s boots underneath his pants.

Step 7. Attach the arms

Form long curved arms that attach to shirt sleeves.

Step 8. Sketch the scammer

Sketch a long, thin curve then create a hook shape on top.

Step 9. Complete the drawing of the shepherd

It’s time to add some color to our shepherd drawing! First, color his eyes with a black pencil. Now, color his skin with a peach colored pencil. Next, color the eyebrows, belt buckle as well as the shepherd’s crooks with a yellow pencil. Use a purple pencil for the shirt and a blue pencil for the pants. Then, color the hat, boots, and belt with a dark brown pen.

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