How to draw a Canoe Step by Step


With the help of a simple tutorial you will learn how to draw a canoe step by step. The canoe is a sport boat with a pointed forward bow. You need to move on this boat with the help of spade paddles.

Canoes have been used since ancient times. Rowing is now a seasonal sport. Both men and women can participate in such competitions. There are rules for such competitions that determine the size of the boat and the length of the track. Rowing is a very fun sport!

In this tutorial, you will use curves and straight lines. This will be a great workout for you. Now I will ask you to get all the necessary art supplies and get to work as soon as possible.

Canoe Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the bottom of the box.
Describe a smooth curve as shown in the example.

Step 2. Describe the top border.
At the top, draw a straight line and a curved line.

Step 3. Interior details.
Draw a few short curved lines on the inside of the boat.

Step 4. Outline the seat.
Draw horizontal lines in the center of the boat.

Step 5. Add paddles.
Draw long, thin paddles on the canoe using straight lines.

Step 6. Draw the blade.
On each side of the paddle, draw polygonal blades.

Step 7. Correct the inaccuracies.
Erase all the extra lines with the help of eraser.g

Step 8. Color the boat.
For coloring you will need yellow and different shades of gray.

You can see more drawing:

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