How to Draw a Surfboard Step by Step

How to Draw a Surfboard

Now you will find a very simple lesson in which I will show you how to draw a surfboard. Surfing is a very popular water sport that involves sliding along the crest of a wave on a special board. This is a very interesting activity that requires some skill.

The surfboard is long and massive. There are special fins along the edge of the board, which improve the maneuverability of the board. This is what you see in the picture.

This lesson includes a few simple steps that you can easily repeat. But here you need the ability to draw smooth lines. Try to carefully draw the outline of the board.

You can color the board just like in the example or you can choose any other color you like. You can also create any image on the table surface. It can be symbols, letters or just stripes.

Surfboard Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw an edge of the board.
To do this, depict a smooth curve.

Step 2. Draw the second edge of the board.
Draw another curve so that both lines connect at one point.

Step 3. Add the face of the board.
On the left, draw a line connecting both sides of the board.

Step 4. Outline the center of the board.
Draw a thin, smooth line from the edge of the board to the pointed end.

Step 5. Draw two fins.
At the bottom of the board, draw two small fins of different sizes.

Step 6. Add details.
Carefully circle all the lines.

Step 7. Color the surfboard.
You can choose any color.

You can see more drawing:

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