How to draw a Trampoline Step by Step


So I’m happy to bring you a great drawing lesson where you will learn how to draw a trampoline step by step. This lesson will definitely help you develop your art skills, as it will help you practice drawing different geometric shapes. In this drawing lesson, you will draw ovals, lines, circles, and arcs.

The trampoline is a jumping device, which is a sturdy woven net that is strung on a metal frame with a rubber or metal spring. The material used to make the surface of the trampoline is not self-elastic. Elasticity is achieved by springs located along or around the perimeter of the mesh. The trampoline can be used for fun, leisure and rest activities, practicing acrobatic elements by skiers, snowboarders, surfers, trackers and exercisers . Trampolines are also used in acrobatics in circuses and as sports equipment in competitions. In addition, trampolines are used to train astronauts before space flights.

If you’ve wanted to start drawing a popular subject like a trampoline, you can start doing it now. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary art supplies, then carefully follow my instructions. Follow the steps carefully, carefully and slowly, then you will surely get an excellent result for your work. I wish you inspiration, and I am sure you will cope with this task easily.

Trampoline Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Draw the inner contour of the trampoline.
To start drawing the trampoline, you need to draw an oval, as shown in the figure.

Step 2. Start drawing the outer edge of the trampoline.
Draw another slightly larger oval around the previously drawn oval.

Step 3. Add another border to the outside of the trampoline.
Around the oval you drew earlier, you should draw another larger oval.

Step 4. Draw the side of the trampoline.
Below the oval you drew in the previous step, you need to draw an arc.

Step 5. Sketch two trampoline legs.
Below the drawn arc, depict the two legs of the trampoline using curved lines as shown.

Step 6. Add a border for the two trampoline legs as well.
The trampoline partially covers one leg. Add another foot to the right.

Step 1. Draw inside the trampoline.
Between the two previously drawn ovals, draw several lines of different lengths.

Step 7. Draw holes to attach the trampoline.
Near each previously drawn line, draw the same circles.

Step 8. Color the drawing.
To color this trampoline you should use red, green, brown and blue colors.

You can see more drawing:

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