How to Draw a Magic Wand Step by Step

How to Draw a Magic Wand with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. you can learn how to draw a magic wand in just nine easy steps.

How to Draw a Magic Wand

Please see the Magic Wand drawing tutorial in the video below

If you want to draw another magic object, then you should use this lesson on how to draw a magic wand step by step. I’m sure this lesson will put you in a great mood and you too can feel like a magician!

The magic wand is a tool of every witch, with its help a spell pronounced out loud or silently, followed by a certain movement of the wand, will bring about results. desire. Usually, a magic wand looks like a wand or stick, thick at the base and thin at the end. You can use these skills if you want to draw a fairy.

To depict this magic wand, you need to be able to draw straight lines. Follow my instructions, then you can easily draw this magic wand, even if you have no drawing experience and if you are just a kid. You can start making this amazing lesson right now!

Magic Wand Drawing Step by Step

Step 1. Start drawing the upper part of the wand.
To depict one side of the top of the wand, draw a diagonal diagonal line.

Step 2. Finish drawing the top part of the wand.
Continue the previously drawn line with a short circle and another straight line.

Step 3. Start drawing the lower part of the wand.
Connect the ends of the previously drawn lines with a short line and add curved lines.

Step 4. Continue drawing this part.
From the ends of two short curved lines, draw two identical lines parallel to each other.

Step 5. Start drawing the base of the wand.
Connect the ends of the line with a short line and add curved lines on both sides.

Step 6. Complete the outline of the wand.
Continue short lines with two straight lines on either side, rounded corners and a straight line.

Step 7. Add decorative elements.
Near the end of the wand, draw four outlines of stars.

Step 8. Add other elements.
Near the previously drawn stars, add a few circles of different sizes.

Step 9. Color the drawing.
Use purple, yellow, pink, green and brown to color the magic wand.

You can see more drawing:

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